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2011 Toronto IBM Club Activities Banquet

Group Seating Reservations

and Special Meal Requests

Welcome to the 2011 Toronto IBM Club Activities Banquet Group Seating Reservation System!

Reservations and special meal requests will not be accepted after
5:00pm on Friday, October 21, 2011.

In 2002, TIC introduced optional reserved seating at the Awards Banquet. The reserved seating was a tremendous success! The majority of ticket holders opted to reserve a seat for themselves and their group. This made finding seats for groups without reservations and late comers very difficult. As a result, the following year TIC moved to mandatory assigned seating. Attendees will be given their table numbers when they check in at the banquet. Everyone will have a seat waiting for them!

If you wish to ensure your entire group is seated together then please take a moment to enter your Group Seating Reservation. You will need the name (first and last please) and the ticket number of each person in your group in order to make your reservation. You can create a new group or you can add yourself to an existing group. If you do not add yourself to a group, you will be assigned a seat by TIC. This year, each table will seat 8 people instead of the traditional 10 seats we had in other years. Please make sure you set up your reservations with 8 per table or as close to the 8 as possible.

Note: the Group Seating Reservation System will also be used to track requests for special meals (vegetarian, dietary restrictions, etc.).
You must have a reserved seat in order to request a special meal.

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